Life was an orgy for these passion bums!

Gropekink/IntimacyInc open thread!!

I meant to open this sooner but then I slightly endrunkened myself. Ooops! So, without further ado, please come release the cares of the world and chat about all things naughty, fetishy and delightful here with us merry kinksters!

If you're not familiar with Intimacy Inc, please have a look through our introductory thread where you can request posting privileges. And we have an important mod post about how the commenting changes across Gawker will affect commenters and posters at Intimacy Inc.


Right, that's it - come one, come all, no topic too big or too small (or too serious or too inane)! And feel free to share this with the any other sub-blogs that you think might be interested.

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