Life was an orgy for these passion bums!

My coffee date was so amazing, you guise!!

I was super stressed about it ahead of time - I met this guy on Fetlife, and we have talked a lotttt (about sex and not about sex), and as I said before, I was nervous because I'm recently back into dating but also because of the Fetlife/kink connection. This was my first time meeting someone off FL that wasn't, like, an entirely platonic friend person. There is another level to meeting someone who already knows you like handcuffs and don't have orgasms during sex.

He was almost ten minutes late, and it was awkward, because I was waiting outside the hipster cafe/sandwich shop place we were meeting. I went inside to look at the posters and feel awkward, and I recognized him from his profile when he walked up to the cafe. From like 10 feet away I was all "oh hey! He's a bit more attractive than I thought." and then he walked right up to me, slightly closer than normally people would stand, and made eye contact and smiled, and I was like:


My whole body just about died. He is objectively better looking than his profile implies, but his vibe is the hottest thing about him.


Coffee turned into sandwiches almost immediately. Then that turned into experimenting with different kinds of tea (we ended up having almost all of their tea - did you know white peony and peppermint tea taste really good together?). We would have had dessert but after FOUR HOURS they closed. So. Yeah. Four hours of a coffee date.


Maybe hour 3.5 we moved from cafe tables to a couch area, and he kissed me, and it was awkward to start with and then got really, really good and left me shaking afterward. He walked me home - I feel really comfortable with him knowing where I live, but it's also an apartment building with over a hundred units - and kissed me again, and left. No awkward pause like I should invite him up or anything. He flat out told me during the date how much he liked me, how gorgeous I am, how surprised he is we hit it off so well. We talked about sex related things (and I was so incredibly flustered) but mostly we talked about other things.

Fuck, guys, I am so excited right now.

I was a bit worried about the kink side of things, and our dynamic. I'm listed as a sub on Fetlife, but I don't think I'm a true submissive sort of person - he told me I don't come across as one, and I don't relate to a lot of the other people who identify that way on FL. He's in a Daddy/babygirl relationship, which I am really weirded out by and don't want any part of. So, I was worried a 'Daddy' attitude would be apparent in him. Online he promised it wouldn't be, this is a new role for him because a girl he liked wanted to experiment with that dynamic - to him it means a dominant lover who's focused on care instead of degradation. I still think it's a little weird (for me, I don't judge them). He said he's capable of many dynamics, as long as he's on the dom side, and finds different versions naturally come out for people. So, I am tentatively excited about this - because he was incredibly respectful, and clearly admires me, and didn't talk down to me at all, or need me to act anything other than my age. Something about that vibe of his is calming and electrifying at the same time, and I was 100% my self through that whole date, and it was shocking how easy that was. So here's hoping we find a good dynamic for us! He's really, really interested in exploring things with me.


I maybe invited him over on Thursday.


ETA: Fuck schoolwork, I'm going shopping for a bra that actually fits and

looks good. And magnum condoms. Because, well. Photos.

ETA2: OMG HE'S COMING OVER. I spent $300 at Victoria's Secret and told him that when he asked how my day was, and he's coming over. OMG OMG.


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