Life was an orgy for these passion bums!

Photos show 'double lives' of kinksters

I'm a tiny bit on the fence about this piece from HuffPo. I love that the photos show people both enjoying BDSM and their vanilla lives. I think the image above is a great way to show a woman who is in a traditionally 'strong' work role and who also just happens to like being chained up. I love the pictures of couples looking both couply and kinky. All good things!


I think it's the 'dual lives' bit that bothers me, just a little. I have to admit that I personally do sometimes think of kink as my secret life, because I'm a very private person outside of the internet (hello!), the kink community and a very few close friends. I prefer that my work colleagues and family think of me as a pod person or an automaton, frankly, and I'd rather they didn't contemplate my sex life at all. But for a lot of the kinksters I know, kink is an intrinsic part of their entire lives and they're uncomfortable with the idea of a double life. They see it as one life, not as having a part of themselves that needs to be hidden.

Even so, overall I think images like this do help to show that people can have violent sexual fantasies and still be healthy, happy people. What do you think?

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