You realize you actually own a collection of butt stuff.

Guys, this is weird for me. I was never into butt stuff before. I dated a fairly compact *cough* tiny *cough* guy for six years who tried, oh how he tried to initiate. Both on me and himself. And despite the fairly logical thought that "Hey, if it's gonna happen you might as well do it with a guy who isn't that well endowed!" It didn't.

But then I met my current partner and the difference it makes when you are actually physically, chemically, fundamentally attracted to someone is phenomenal.

So last week we ordered a new strap-on. It came so fast! (hehehe) We unwrapped it Saturday night, but didn't actually get to play until yesterday.
It. Was. Awesome.
I will get into the details more at a later date, and actually do a product review. But after our session, and the typical post-session nap, I lined all the plugs and strap-ons up for cleaning.

It looked like a little village of phalic shaped objects, ending in a very realistic dong.
Ladies and gentlemen, something I never thought I would type:

I am the proud owner of: Three strap-ons, one set of anal beads, and two anal plug sets that amounts to six different sizes. Also, two separate O-ring harnesses, and a "vibrating" plug which is actually a giant, hot-pink dildo that terrifies both of us. So it lives in the sex box. Probably indefinitely.

My name is Wombat, and I collect butt stuff.