Life was an orgy for these passion bums!


Welcome to our first open thread for everyone to talk about all things kinky and naughty! We'll be sharing these weekly(ish) open threads to Groupthink and Crosstalk for anyone to join in - and feel free to share them to other parts of the kinjaverse that you think might want to chat too.

No topic is too big or too small here and there's no such thing as TMI among friends - we just ask that you be respectful of each other. If you'd like posting privileges at INTIMACY INC, or if you just want to find out what we're about, check out our welcome post.


Since this is our first open thread, feel free to introduce yourselves (though of course there's no pressure if you'd rather keep things private!). Tell us what you're into, what your favourite toy is, all your deepest fantasies... knock yourselves out!

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